Ongoing projects

  • Phonological markedness avoidance in sentence formation (in collaboration with Bruce Hayes, and, more recently, Tim Hunter).
  • Constraint interaction in phonotactic and phonological learning of “gang effects”.
  • Phonotactic markedness imposes processing penalties in speech production.
  • Down-stream consequences of word-segmentation on phonotactic grammars: a computational study (in collaboration with Megha Sundara).

Journal publications

Breiss, Canaan and Bruce Hayes (2020). Phonological markedness effects in sentence formation. Language. [pdf]

Breiss, Canaan (accepted at Phonology). Constraint cumulativity in phonotactics: evidence from Artificial Grammar Learning studies. [pdf]

Shigeto Kawahara and Canaan Breiss (accepted at Journal of Laboratory Phonology). Exploring the nature of cumulativity through sound symbolism: Experimental studies of Pokémonastics with English speakers. [pdf]

Breiss, Canaan and Adam Albright (resubmitted to Glossa). Cumulative markedness effects and (non-)linearity in phonotactics. [pdf] – Comments welcome!

Peer-reviewed conference proceedings

Breiss, Canaan and Colin Wilson (2020). Extending adaptor grammars to learn phonological alternations. In Proceedings of the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL) 2020. [pdf]



Breiss, Canaan (2019). Constraint ganging in phonotactic learning: some experimental evidence. Talk presented at the Southern California Meeting on Phonology (SCaMP) 2019, CSU Long Beach. [handout]

Breiss, Canaan (2019). Phonotactic markedness increases processing costs in speech production. Poster presented at the 32nd Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing. [poster]

Breiss, Canaan (2019). Investigating the learnability of gang effects. Talk presented at the 93rd LSA Annual Meeting, New York City, NY. [handout]


Breiss, Canaan (2018). Phonological markedness impacts sentence construction: Modeling evidence from Korean and Tagalog. Talk presented at WCCFL 36, UCLA.

Breiss, Canaan and Bruce Hayes (2018). More on leaky grammars: Sentence construction respects phonological markedness constraints. Talk presented at the 92nd LSA Annual Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. [handout]


Breiss, Canaan (2018). The role of markedness in phonological processing above the word level. MA Thesis, University of California – Los Angeles. [pdf] (advised by Bruce Hayes and Jesse Harris)

Breiss, Canaan (2016). The templatic morphology of loan verbs in Modern Hebrew. BA Thesis, Swarthmore College. (advised by Donna Jo Napoli and Nathan Sanders)

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