For an up-to-date directory of my published work, see my Google Scholar profile. If you would like to cite a currently unpublished manuscript or presentation that you cannot find below, or if you find yourself blocked by a paywall, please do not hesitate to write to me directly.

Presentations without associated publications (yet)

Zhou, ZL and Canaan Breiss (2021). Towards substantively biased typology: Effects of environment on P-map biases. Presented at LSA 2021. [pdf]


Breiss, Canaan (2021). Lexical Conservatism in phonology: theory, experiments, and computational modelling. PhD Thesis, University of California – Los Angeles. [pdf] (advised by Bruce Hayes)

Breiss, Canaan (2018). The role of markedness in phonological processing above the word level. MA Thesis, University of California – Los Angeles. [pdf] (advised by Bruce Hayes and Jesse Harris)

Breiss, Canaan (2016). The templatic morphology of loan verbs in Modern Hebrew. BA Thesis, Swarthmore College. (advised by Donna Jo Napoli and Nathan Sanders)

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