I’m a PhD candidate in the linguistics department at UCLA. I’m advised primarily by Bruce Hayes, and I also work with Megha Sundara, Tim Hunter and Jesse Harris. I’m affiliated with the UCLA Phonetics Lab, the UCLA Language Acquisition Lab, and the UCLA Language Processing Lab.

My CV can be found here.

My research is in theoretical, computational, and experimental phonology, with particular interest in learning/acquisition, the representation of overlapping and interacting phonological processes, and phonology’s interfaces with (morpho)syntax and the lexicon.

  • My dissertation is on Lexical Conservatism (Steriade 1997), and examines the influence of a word’s morphological relatives on how it participates in forming novel words. For example, why rémedy + -able = remédiable, but párody + -able = párodiable? Check out this draft to find out (feedback welcome!).
  • Constraint cumulativity is also the topic of a major line of research; see papers here (accepted for publication in Phonology), here (resubmitted to Glossa, with Adam Albright – MIT), and here (accepted to Laboratory Phonology, with Shigeto Kawahara – Keio U.).
  • Phonological influences on syntax are something I think a lot about; see here (published in Language, with Bruce Hayes – UCLA).

Methodologically, I make use of whatever tools are needed for the job: right now, this means computational modeling (Bayesian and otherwise), corpus methods, online surveys of understudied languages, and laboratory experiments of all types.

Teaching evaluations can be found here.

Feel free to get in touch: first initial last name æt ucla dot edu.


  • I’m presenting a talk and a poster at the Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP)! The talk is “Token frequency in the grammar: A wug-test of Voiced Velar Nasalization in Japanese”, and is joint work with Shigeto Kawahara and Hiro Katsuda [slides]. The poster is “Markedness-avoidance alone does not determine base choice: evidence from Spanish” [poster].
  • Very excited to share that from January 2022 I’ll be a postdoc in the Computational Psycholinguistics Lab at MIT BCS, supervised by Roger Levy, and working on a project on working at the intersection of linguistics, cognitive science, and NLP on low-resource languages in collaboration with the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab.
  • New preprint with Megha Sundara, Z.L. Zhou, Hironori Katsuda, and Jeremy Steffman, “Infants’ developing sensitivity to native language phonotactics: A Meta-analysis” [lingbuzz]